Carver Family

Flyer from 1939


Trixie Nell Park was named after my oldest sister (Trixie)

located on my parents farm on hwy 63 north (old Glasgow road)


Carver Family

Cynthia May Carver (Cousin Emmy)

Cousin to Noble Carver (Uncle BOZO)

This mountain music gal might have been born in a log cabin,

but she was often known as the first hillbilly to own a Cadillac

The frst woman to win the National Old Fiddlers contest in Louisville in 1936

Cousin Emmy achieved national acclaim as a "banjo pickin girl" from Kentucky

She appeared in three movies:

(1) Swing in the Saddle (1944)

(2)Under Western Sky

(3)The Second Greatest Sex (1955)

She was born Cynthia May Carver on March 14, 1903

at Lamb, Kentucky, in Monroe County USA.

She died April 11, 1980


(Song) Bowling Green


(Song) Ruby


(video) Turkey in the straw


(video) You are my sunshine

Cosin Emmy wrote this song "Graveyard"

(Song) graveyard



Louis Marshall Jones (October 20, 1913 -- February 19, 1998)

known professionally as Grandpa Jones

Born in the farming community of Niagara in Henderson County, Kentucky.


In 1937, Jones had made his way to West Virginia, where Cousin Emmy

taught Jones the art of the clawhammer style of banjo playing, which gave

a rough backwoods flavor to his performances.

Performing as Grandpa Jones, he played the guitar, yodeled, and sang mostly

old-time ballads

(Song) Liza

(Song) Dixie

David "String Bean" Akeman


(Song)Here Rattler

Roni Stoneman


(Song) House Of The Rising Sun

(Song) Cripple Creek

(Song) Dueling Banjos

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